10 must to do rules in a successful plan

10 must to do rules in a successful plan

Everyone comes to work to do a good job. There are, of course, those who need more time and energy spent on them than others to get the most out of them. Yet few come to work thinking, “I am deliberately going to underperform today.” When it comes to interaction and communication, the failure to execute well at an individual level will be down to the performance environment that surrounds an individual. In particular:

– Expectations not matched or aligned in their situation,

– Inability to be clear and precise,

– No feedback,

– Out-of-balance consequences.

Exceptional people excel because they create their own performance environment. They don’t wait for others. If the expectations are unclear they clarify them, if they have not received any feedback they go and source it, if they don’t have all the resources they need they go and find them. Excellent performers not only deliver on their promises, they know how to remove the barriers that might get in the way.

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