6 important methods to keep servers safe for website

6 important methods to keep servers safe for website

When connecting to a remote server, it is essential to establish a secure channel for communication. Using the SSH (Secure Shell) Protocol is the best way to establish a protected connection. Unlike the previously used Telnet, SSH access encrypts all data transmitted in the exchange. You need to install the SSH Daemon and to have an SSH Client with which you issue commands and manage servers to gain remote access using the SSH protocol. By default, SSH uses port 22. Everyone, including hackers, knows this. Most people do not configure this seemingly insignificant detail. However, changing the port number is an easy way to reduce the chances of hackers attacking your server. Therefore, the best practice for SSH is to use port numbers between 1024 and 32,767.

The public key has several copies, one of which remains on the server, while others are shared with users. Anyone that has the public key has the power to encrypt data, while only the user with the corresponding private key can read this data. The private key is not shared with anyone and must be kept secure. When establishing a connection, the server asks for evidence that the user has the private key, before allowing privileged access.

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