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Good news for Compaq, but not great news for server customers. In a news release of its own touting the survey results, Compaq published a revealing chart from the TBR survey that shows a general decline in customer satisfaction with servers.

Compaq, for its recent improvement, was better a year ago when it ranked second, according to customers. Compaq’s current top ranking is 85.79. The computer giant’s server satisfaction rating was closer to 87 a year ago.

IBM Corp. has been unable to capitalize on HP’s slide in customer satisfaction and climb out of the basement among the big four Intel architecture server vendors. The company’s Q1 2001 rating was 80.31. The bad news for Dell came on a couple fronts. TBR measures satisfaction on servers, desktops and laptops. Dell now shares first place in laptop satisfaction with IBM, which leapt 5 percentage points in customer satisfaction to 80.4.

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it’s not wrong to tell people they need an agenda with clear outcomes listed for every topic. It just doesn’t apply to a lot of situations. A detailed agenda for the one-on-one with my boss? For the sales demo? For our morning huddle? Yeah, I don’t think so. For the board meeting or the requirements analysis meeting? Absolutely.

Sometimes an organization has a pervasive problem with meetings. People complain that there are too many meetings, nothing gets done, it’s wasted time, it’s all power and politics instead of productivity—and they start to look for solutions. They find lots of generic advice, and they find lots of this kind of drivel.

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