Who’s really in charge at Cisco?


We blend all of the system’s I/O traffic into a single shared active-active
network that carries all modes of communication from servers to the outside world. Our low-latency, high-bandwidth network fabric is a shared resource so networking can be allocated to interfaces based on policies rather than physical interface configuration and hard-wired cabling. The result is that you can provision and balance resources to meet your workload needs easily.

From the very beginning, Cisco UCS was designed with the entire state
of each server—identity, configuration, and connectivity—abstracted into
software. This makes our system fully composable: adaptable through
software to meet the varying requirements of both modern workloads and
traditional monolithic business applications. With a completely programmable system, you can give your clients the level of control they need to manage
their workloads. For global organizations, Cisco Intersight™ software-asa-service management gives you complete role- and policy-based control
over all of your resources regardless of where they reside.

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